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About Leading by Managing My Life: Managing Stress

As we continue to experience a considerable amount of change at work and in our personal lives, we are also experiencing a tremendous amount of stress.  Good leaders know how to manage that stress and how to create an environment at work that helps others they interact with manage stress effectively.

Introduction - 2 minutes:  

 Part One of Audio-Visual Presentation - 4.75 minutes

Leading by Managing My Life: Managing Stress is a proven program which has been widely used to help organizations develop effective leaders.

Table of Contents

Module One: Understanding The Dynamics of Stress

  • Relationship between Effective Stress Management and Leadership
  • Defining Stress
  • Typical Sources of Stress
  • Sources of Stress and Our Health
  • The General Adaptation Syndrome
  • Stress Symptoms
  • Behaviors and Stress
Module Two: Techniques To Manage Stress Effectively
  • Learning to manage worry and to let go more effectively.
  • Having a network of supportive relationships
  • Become selective with what you read, what you listen to and what you view
  • Managing your time more effectively.
  • Avoiding procrastination.
  • Learning to make faster and better decisions.
  • Adapting an assertive communication style.
  • Exercising regularly.
  • Good nutritional habits and finally.
  • Becoming calmer and sleeping well.
  • List of Stress Managing Habits
  • Your 30 Day Plan To Manage Stress Effectively












Benefits For Individuals

In addition to improving your leadership skills, you will improve your ability to be calmer, to concentrate and be more focused and to create a positive work environment for others in your department. 

As a result you will improve your productivity and will find it a lot easier to achieve your personal and professional goals.

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