Leading by Managing My Life with a Positive Attitude

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About Leading by Managing My Life with A Positive Attitude

As long as we continue to experience considerable change at work and in our personal life, we will also experience a considerable amount of stress. This is why maintaining a positive attitude is so important to help us meet the challenges we face, and lead others more effectively. 
Introduction - 2 minutes:  

 Part One of Audio-Visual Presentation - 4.5 minutes

Leading by Managing My Life with a Positive Attitude is a proven program which has been widely used to help organizations develop effective leaders. 

Table of Content
  • Relationship between Attitude and Leadership
  • Our Values, Thoughts , Feelings and Behaviors|
  • What is Attitude?
  • The Challenge
  • Behaviors and Attitude 
  • Controlling our Thoughts And Feelings
  • Focusing on our Positive Thoughts
  • Our Fundamental Beliefs
  • Changing our Beliefs
  • Conclusion



The Results

When you have a positive attitude, you achieve more.  You manage change effectively; you act; you make things happen; nothing stops you.  For you the difficulties are challenges and the challenges are opportunities.  You become a much better and more respected leader, more productive and you readily achieve your personal and professional goals. 

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