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About Managing My Life with Win-Win Relationships

As we continue to experience considerable change at work and in our personal life, we continue to experience a considerable amount of stress.  Having cooperative and suportive personal and work relationships will help us not only be better leaders but will help us better meet the challenges we face as we achieve our personal and professional goals.   

Introduction - 2 minutes:  

 Part One of Audio-Visual Presentation - 4.5 minutes

 Leading by Managing My Life with Win-Win Relationships  is a proven program which has been widely used to help organizations develop effective leaders. 


Table of Content
  • Relationship between Win-Win Relationships and Effective Leadership
  • What Are Win-Win Relationships
  • Developing Win-Win Relationships 
  • Benefits of Win-Win Relationships
  • Consquences of Not Having Win-Win Relationships
  • Elements Needed To Develop Respect 
  • Making A First Good Impression
  • Creating Trust
  • Understanding Personal Styles
  • Identifying Your Personal Style 
  • The Personal Style of Others
  • Expressing Appreciation
  • Motivation
  • Daily Habits To Develop Win-Win Relationships


Results :  

You will not only improve your skills for developing a supportive network of relationships to help you become a better leader, but you will also improve your ability to concentrate and to manage change.   All in all, you will become more productive, inspire and lead others and reach more readily your personal and professional goals.

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