Leading by Managing My Life with Enthusiasm and Self-Confidence

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About "Leading by Managing My Life with Enthusisasm and Self-Confidence"

As we continue to experience a considerable amount of change at work and in our personal lives, we are also experiencing a tremendous amount of stress.  The challenges we face at work can lead us to lose some of our enthusiasm and self-confidence.  Good leaders are the ones who are able, regardless of the circumstances, to maintain a high level of enthusiasm and self-confidence and to inspire their colleagues and subordinates accordingly. 
Introduction - 2 minutes: 

Part One of Audio-Visual Presentation - 3 minutes

Table of content
  • Relationship Between Leadership and Enthusiasm and Self-Confidence
  • Defining Enthusiasm
  • Developing Enthusiasm
  • Defining and Recognizing our Accomplishments 
  • Our To Do List
  • Understanding our Motivations
  • Maslow's Hiearchy of Needs 
  • Social Motives Theory 
  • The Influence of Motivators 
  • Questions to Ask Daily
  • Relationship Between our Strengths and Enthusiasm
  • Identifying our Strengths
  • Integrating this Knowledge in our Life
  • What You Can Do to Help Others in your Department Maintain a High Level of Enthusiasm and Self-Confidence  
  • How to Benefit from this Program


The Results :  

In addition to feeling more in control, you will improve your leadership skills, your ability to adapt and manage change and to be be better focused. Consequently, you will be a more effective leader who will more readily achieve both your personal and professional goals.

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